Telephone:  931-388-3703


Pastor:  Jeffrey L. Kane

Music Director:  Jessica Silva

Prayer Concerns

Marie Bland
Mildred Zeber
Rubye Lisk
JC & Juanice Scrimpshire
& nephew Jeffery Goodman
Richard Keiser & son-in-law Don
Dr. John Cheetham & Mary Margaret
Jessica's Uncle Jesus

Room In The Inn Ministry

Caressa Wilkerson, Trinity Rankin
& James Sherill
Cameron, Kelsey & family

Compass Outreach to Youth at Risk
17 young men & women


Thanks be to God!

October Birthdays

8th Bettye Kinser
8th Mildred Zeber
12th Richard Keiser
13th Dianne Biederman
23rd Ruth Keiser

Presbytery of Middle Tennessee

Next Meeting of Presbytery
October 19, 2017
at  NaCoMe

Elected Commissioner

Rick Robinson


David Biederman
Clyde Bennett
Betty Crabtree
Mike Dunston
Bettye Kinser
Mary Kinser
Merrilee Meschefske
Kay Rodgers
Rick Robinson

Clerk of Session

Merrilee Meschefske

Elder of the Month

Mary Kinser