Pastor's Message

To the praise of the glory of His grace, which He freely bestowed on us in the Beloved.

What an awesome gift from God to be called "beloved."  In the baptism of our Lord Jesus Christ the voice from heaven spoke "this is my beloved son in Him am I well pleased."  We too in Christ are baptized and called as the beloved of God.  Precious children.  We are blessed by grace and not by any works or special designations.  To live as God's beloved children.  By grace we live out God's unique identity and calling for us.  We are beloved.  We belong.  We matter.  We have a family of faith and a wonderful future in Christ.  Here at Westminster we seek to live out his wonderful gift of beloved.  We seek to welcome all people as beloved children of God and express our acceptance and support of them.  Our joy is providing grace so that all folks can experience God's gift of beloved.  It takes time and patience. Transformation from fear and guilt to trust and hoensty is a difficult journey. It's not completed over night.  We grow into grace and beloved, through paths of forgiveness and letting go of the past  There are many challenges and issues in this change.  We need constant reminders and lessons and support along the way of being and living in beloved.  Jesus went from baptism into temptation and many trials and tribulations, including crucifixition in living out being the Beloved.  We too take a lifetime to celebrate and honor and fully incarnate oursleves into the perons of beloved.  God's Grace will lead us home.  We speak of the Westminster welcome.  Our hospitality and sharing of God's blessings are part of our belovedness!  We share and give freely.  We don't set up barriers or walls for our worship and fellowship!  In our beloved family of faith, folks come to see and experience God's beautiful and powerful acceptance of us as God's beloved children.  Thanks be to God.


Rev. Jeff Kane

Westminster Presbyterian Church 2019-2020